Spring Equinox Portal – Sunset to Sunrise Celebration

about this event

We gather in sacred land and connect with the raw energies of nature to mark the beginning of a new cycle – Spring Equinox. Surrounded by ancient growth trees, towering boulders, wildlife, ponds and the endless beauty of the desert night sky and the power of the full moon. Come celebrate with us sunset to sunrise connection with this portal. We kick off with an intentional setting meditation & soundbath. The evening is filled with stargazing, purging of that which is no longer in alignment in a boulder wood-burning sauna, cold plunge to activate the senses, and music/sound healing to connect with self and community. Refreshments and chef-prepared snacks provided. Cuddle puddle in session at our very cozy stargazing deck with portable heaters, sanitized mats, pads, pilliows and blankets.

We end with a majestic sunrise meditation, full-body stretch, tea/coffee and chef-prepared light bites.

In this particular location, the boulders act as a giant bowl extinguishing all neighboring light pollution, offering world-class stargazing and uninterrupted views of the Milky Way, amongst towering boulders on sacred private land. We are 25 minutes away from the Joshua Tree National Park and 20 mins away from downtown Yucca Valley. The private desert location is energy-rich with a landscape of boulders and Joshua Trees. Historically, it is said that Serrano and Cahuilla Indians inhabited this land with a handful of petroglyphs remaining visible throughout the boulders. You’ll have access to the cold plunge pool, wood burning sauna, and stargazing deck for an unforgettable evening allowing you to authentically connect with source, mother nature, and one another.


Kicking off at sunset, we begin with an intention setting soundbath & guided meditation. Situated inside a natural formed boulder stack, our wood burning sauna is complete with a rock bed consisting of thousands of polished crystals/stones, along with eucalyptus essential oil aromatics. In between rounds of soaking in heat from the sauna, cool-off with a dip in the refreshing cold plunge. Built within the rocks, surrounded by quartz crystals, our plunge pool is fed by mineral rich well water and is an ideal way to improve blood circulation as well as, detoxify the body. This is a perfect location to relax, recharge and ground during crisp spring evenings. 

After the sauna throw on some warm comfy clothes (onsie,pjs or costumes) and grab space at the stargazing deck equipped with mats, pads, pillows, blankets and propane heaters. Perhaps you would like to hang-out and have a drink in our 18’ foot authentic native American tee-pee alongside the propane fire pit with high vibrational sounds provided by our local DJ. Leave whenever is comfortable for you or stay the entire evening and enjoy sunrise tea/coffee and breakfast.



Ideal Items to bring:




Warm comfy clothes, Layers/Onesie/Pajamas/Costumes (for after sauna)   


Change of clothes

Sleeping bag/bedroll, pillow

*We have campsites available. DM for reservation. 

**Questions about overnight accomdations, campsites, and post celebration napping options? DM us.

We want to make sure that those in alignment have the opportunity to come celebrate and share with us this magical event. If funds are tight and you are willing to volunteer/donate time, please DM us to inquire about volunteering for the event, or sponsorship. info@joshuatreealchemy.com