Spiritual Energy

about this event

A fun introduction to metaphysical energy including current astrological transits, energetic themes, moon energies, and self care rituals.

Curious about metaphysical energy? You can sit with us! 

This gathering is like a spiritual buffet, perfect for the conscious-curious and metaphysical newcomers. You’ll get a little bit of everything in a casual come-as-you-are setting. Questions are welcome, and upcoming classes will also be mentioned so that you can take a deeper dive into different topics.

Why should I attend?

Deepening your consciousness aids in self-awareness and enables you to clear away the past. A new month brings new energies, so if you’re still swirling from the previous month, this gathering provides an excellent reset! Bring your overwhelm and confusion, leave feeling calmer and clearer.

Do I need to prepare or bring anything? 

You’re welcome to bring a journal and something to write with if you’re the note taking type. Otherwise, definitely have some water or tea nearby (ceremonial cacao is a favorite) and get comfortable!

About Your Instructor

Winter Clark 

Winter is a metaphysical wellness expert. She has worked with clients around the world to support them in connecting with their bodies, minds, and spirits as highly intelligent, sensitive tools. Winter is a hereditary intuitive and author of Goddess Grows Up: You are the Gift and the journal Our Shadows, Our Light