Spiritual Cleansing & Clearing Workshop

about this event

This afternoon workshop in a lovely yoga studio will endow you with several powerful techniques for space clearing and personal spiritual hygiene that go beyond basic sage.

You will learn practical and ritual house clearing methods as well as how to energetically protect yourself and your home. You will discover several spiritual baths that you can adapt for different occasions, including a powerful ritual bath that you can treat yourself to on the next full moon.

This course will benefit everyone, but especially those who care for others, such as bodyworkers, therapists, teachers, nurses, clergy, and caregivers. You will learn effective ways for separating your personal energy from the energies of others.

Benefits of spiritual cleansing & clearing can include all the following:

o Increased physical and mental energy

o Feeling of being “at home” in your body

o Consolidation of your personal power

o Reduced stress & anxiety

o Deeper & more restful sleep

o Increased flow & ease

Jen Deer is a spiritual practitioner and healer whose lineage includes European folk healers. She has a background in bodywork, yoga, meditation, sacred plant medicine, and shamanic practices. You can learn more on her website.