SPIRE presents Spire Soul

about this event

SPIRE presents Spire Soul featuring TRIPP at Flutter Experience.

Escape into an immersive world of interactive art, virtual reality, music, and mindfulness designed to spark inner and outer connections.

Hosted at Flutter, this event features an all-sense invigorating, multi-room art installation, including a virtual reality wellness experience from TRIPP and other cool surprises, designed to lift your spirits and help you playfully embrace each moment.

Jason and Whitney, co-founders of Wellevatrand podcast hosts of This Might Get Uncomfortable, will speak about the negative effects of the social comparison trap and not-enoughness, ways to holistically manage your mental health in an age of digital distraction and easy methods to maintain balance and emotional wellness in times of chaos.

Enjoy the ancient fizzy, fermented tea Health Ade Kombucha and warm up your body and soul with Magic Mushroom from Your Super, a hot chocolate made with functional mushrooms including chaga nad reishi. Mixed with Bluestone Lane Coffee and plant-based milks, this will support & strengthen your immune system and help to manage stress & enhance your mood. Taste the future with Dream Pops plant-based frozen dessert packed with superfoods. Ojas Studio is providing ayurveda-inspired date & grain bites and and Maxine’s Heavenly sharing their vegan cookies made with love.

Flutter is an interactive art museum featuring leading contemporary artists in a way that is playful, immersive and welcoming.

The TRIPP experience leverages a large body of existing research on the use of technology in the mental wellness arena and utilizes proven mindfulness structures, targeted sound frequencies, visuals and interactions that have a multiplicative effect when administered through immersion.

100% of ticket sales will go to WWFto support their efforts to restore koalas homes after the Australian bush fire emergency.