SPACE: A Holistic Urban Retreat

about this event

This experience is created for both both women and men who are health conscious and mindful, but also busy, stressed and overwhelmed. It is for people looking for a safe haven inside which they can reconnect with themselves, fill themselves up, and develop new habits and relationships to take back out into the world. Whether you are a professional, entrepreneur, new parent, nomadic explorer, a transplant looking for community, or native to LA this is the perfect opportunity for you to check out of reality and check back in with you.

A little investment goes a long way.

Immerse yourself in a full day of inner and outer expansion in an urban oasis, with yoga, workshops on various health + wellness topics, delicious breakfast, lunch and snacks. Each session will be. in a new beautiful space every time.

SPACE offers full day immersion retreats, where you, yes, you, get to be fully taken care of: mind, body and soul. Surrender to the beauty and magic that awaits you through our experiential fully day of meaningful content.

Allow yoga, meditation, soul coaching, and so much more to help you let down your walls, have meaningful conversations and learn how to amplify the best parts of yourself.

Leave with actionable tools to take back into your everyday life that will help you feel inspired, refreshed, stronger than ever before, and connected to a vibrant community of like minded, epic and spirited human beings.

We will see you at SPACE.