Soundbath & Meditation at Form + Flow

about this event

During the sound bath and sonic meditation, we will bring together a meditation which will use sound to amplify and anchor our mind, heart and spirit. This meditation will be followed by a soundbath which will be offered with Tibetan singing bowls, gong, bells and percussion instruments. Some of the following become possible with sonic meditations and sound baths:

Heightened states of awareness or expanded consciousness, changes in physiology and psychology from known and unknown tensions to relaxations which gradually become permanent. These changes may represent a tuning of mind and body. The group may develop positive energy, which can influence others. Participants may achieve greater awareness and sensitivity to each other. Music is a welcome by-product of this activity.

Our mind, body and spirit will be tuned into a new frequency and we will calibrate the harmony of these three areas.


Andrea Baquero is a professional musician and music instructor. She is the founder of AB Music, has taught music for over 20 years, is a Steinway & Sons Educational Partner, vibroacoustic therapist, sound healer, Yin yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner. Andrea has performed as a pianist, singer and has hosted soundhealing sessions around the world and is a member of the vibroacoustic therapy association of London and American Guild of Music.