SoundBath: Chakra Series

about this event


Join us for a monthly Soundbath experience with Emilie & Andy Brockmann on the 2nd Thursday of every month, for a journey through the chakras, where per each individual experience we will have a different focus and instrument feature, as well as corresponding essentials oils and sacred smokes along with a brief meditation of each chakra.

This month we will be supporting the Third Eye Chakra.

In this energy center we transcend duality. Its element is light and is associated with cosmic vision. Through this center we connect deeply to our inner realms and higher consciousness. When this chakra is blocked or out of alignment you may feel confused, dizzy, and judgmental. As we tune and open this energy center we see things the way they actually are, without the projection of the ego. We begin to recognize habits and stories that hold us back and cloud our vision.

Join as we use powerful vibrations to tune and open this energy center.