SoulSteady Movement: Black Voices

about this event

* Freestyle dance celebration-meditation where your body and soul are your teachers.*

In honor of black history month, February 2022 will be an all black playlist.

SoulSteady sessions are an invitation to travel on the wings of music in a healing mystical journey. KarunaDera weaves together musical masterpieces of all genres and eras to create a rich tapestry of sound, uniting our dance tribe in reflection, devotion, and liberation.

Some find the music inspires them to dance while others absorb it in stillness and meditation- there are many ways to travel and explore. One needs only to be present with whatever is evoked by the journey. Meet it. Invite it in.

All abilities, bodies, and modes of movement are welcome and honored.

Shake, rattle, roll, sit, lie down or just breathe.

Show up and let your body guide you – trust & surrender to the life force within.

10:00am US Pacific Time

Suggested Exchange: $25

About KarunaDera @

KarunaDera brings forth the ceremonial attributes of her ancestral heritage: Olmecas, Aztecas, Mayas y Toltecas – into a modern dance flow to heal body-mind-heart-soul. “The potency of the magick happens in the nonverbal. It is in the void and intersection of silence and stillness where miraculous LET GO and inner celebration bursts you open. If you simply allow your body to flow, you can easily find yourself or rather, lose your ‘self’ into the nothingness and the isness of all.” Music can be that powerful of a medicine! So, let’s dance together, as our ancestors did, to initiate our Soulsteady into bliss…