about this event

Transform + Uplift

Release + Reset

Rejuvenate + restore

and along the way,

discover a deeper connection to your soul’s purpose

A Transformational Series for July 

Classes ARE:

Emotional Wisdom Guided Meditation 

Shamanic Sound Breathwork

Reiki Sound Journey

And each day holds a specific ‘intention’ that continues through each class 

Dates + Intentions + Schedule 

July 1 – Courage 

July 8 – Resilience 

July 16 – Anger (*please note this is a Sunday)

July 22 – Feelings 

July 29 – Trust 

Each class will be facilitated by Reba Massey, a Usui + Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master, Breathwork facilitator, and Meditation teacher, who incorporates Sound as a transformative element in her practices.  

SCHEDULE The day is split into 3 classes. Beginning with an Emotional Wisdom Guided Meditation, followed by Shamanic Sound Breathwork, then ending with a Reiki Sound Journey.  And each day holds a specific ‘Intention’ that continues through each class.


July 1: Courage 

Courageous Soul Meditation: A Journey WithinDate: Saturday, July 1stTime: 2:30 pm – 3:15 pm

Description:  This guided meditation gives a deeper understanding of what courage means to you and how you can access it in your daily life.  The meditation will then transition into a combination of Sound and Reiki healing, creating a deeper connection to your courage within.

Shamanic Sound Breathwork

Time: 3:30 pm – 4:15 pm 

Description:  Breathwork is a powerful practice that provides a safe space for you to explore and release stagnant energy and emotion.  Accompanied by Shamanic sounds and uplifting mantras read by Reba, release what no longer serves you, reset your system, and tap into the bliss and courageous freedom that await.

Reiki Sound Journey

Time: 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm 

Description:  Ending the day with restorative integration.  Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds, allowing you to completely relax, rejuvenate, and fully embody your courageous self!  


$444 for the monthThe energy of 444 carries the spirit of self-improvement, passion, and effort! 

Commit to the entire series and deepen your journey of self-discovery!

Day Pass for $99

Join a single class for $44


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