Soul Meditations

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Weekly Community Guided Meditations on Zoom

To be present, relaxed, focused, grounded and heart-centered takes PRACTICE—especially during a time when we’re being asked to adapt to change very quickly. As our needs shift, it’s invaluable for us to have a meditation practice that fully supports us.

If you’ve ever participated in a group meditation, then you know how powerful the energy is. And who couldn’t use an extra dose of supportive energy right now?

If you’re looking for an inspired space to dive into practice, please join us every week to explore what feels aligned and nourishing to your soul.

I share a variety of both traditional and non-traditional techniques, including mindfulness, visualization, loving-kindness, japa (chanting mantra), relaxation, energetic attunements, and working with the chakras.

It is important to have an open mind as, in some meditations, we consciously connect with our angels and guides. Classes may also include light breathwork. Guided meditations are about 20 minutes in length. There will be a few minutes after meditation for reflections.

All classes are offered on a donation-basis.

Drop in anytime!

All are welcome. No experience required.

Join us in sangha (community)!