Soul Medicine Retreat – San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico, 17. – 23. April 2023

about this event

SOUL MEDICINE: Ceremonial Psilocybin Retreat, Nayarit, Mexico, 17. – 23. April 2023

We carefully curated a ceremonial psilocybin retreat, rooted in ancient wisdom traditions to allow us to reconnect to our deepest essence. This journey will take us to the unknown shores of our internal landscapes and allow us to release any past traumas, pains, and blockages holding us back to live life fully. 

SOUL MEDICINE is an intimate, wild, and magical gathering, nestled amongst the abundant jungle-edged womb of the Riviera Nayarit bay in Mexico.

Together we co-create a space to weave our souls with somatic movement, sound, and ritual for personal exploration and expansion of our souls. Holding and nourishing each other in community of like-minded humans.

We are a team of highly trained medicine keepers, healers, musicians, and an incredible plant-based holistic nutrition team to make this a truly immersive, cleansing, supportive, and integrative experience. 

This is a very rare and unique opportunity to go deep with sacred plant medicines with FULL support (preparation, intention, psychotherapy, psychedelic integration, experienced local ceremonial facilitators, workshops, classes, and ongoing community circles) with a team of healers and facilitators who prioritize full integrity, safety, immersive transformation and who collaborate with the land and people in full respect and reciprocity.

Our rich and nourishing program is designed to fully activate deep healing and soul connection in a truly life-affirming capacity.

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Our Programme:

Day 1 Arrival, Opening Temazcal

Day 2 East, Air, Exploration // Meditation, Play Workshop, Kambo Ceremony, PSYCHEDELIC BREATH®

Day 3 South, Fire, Transformation // Meditation, Elemental Dance, Creativity Workshop, Psilocybin Ceremony

Day 4 West, Water, Movement // Sacred Beach Ceremony, Myofascial Yin Yoga, Sound Bath

Day 5 North, Earth, Wisdom // Kundalini Yoga, Integration Circle, Holistic Nutrition Circle, Singing Circle

Day 6 Cielo, Spirit, Connection // Meditation & Movement, Psilocybin Ceremony, Cacao Ceremony, Jungle Ecstatic Dance

Day 7 Pachamama, Death, Rebirth // Meditation & Movement, Integration Circle, Closing Temazcal

Day 8 – Center, Soul, Trust // Meditation, Sharing Circle, Farewells

1 + 3 Months Later Additional Integration Circles via Zoom

All guests will have an option for an individual consultation session throughout the retreat for more individual guidance on their journey and how to integrate the teachings into everyday life.