Soul Connection| Meditation | Poetry

about this event

In this workshop, you’ll create a piece of soul-connected poetry to motivate your life.

In Soul Connection | Meditation | Poetry, you will:

  • A guided meditation through your chakras to create alignment in your body.
  • Connect deeply to your higher self.
  • After the meditation, you will write what you have seen from a more artistic state, creating prose that connects you to your highest calling and divine guidance.

And you’ll be able to participate in a calming, safe artistic space to express yourself while creating a lovely piece of motivational poetry.

Connect to your soul through poetry. 

Each participant will create a very personal piece of poetry calling from a special place inside themselves.

Participants will leave with a piece of motivational, theraputic poetry, prose, or maybe a short saying that helps them connect to their more significant purpose. 

Your piece of writing will help you create a channel to your soul, and you’ll be able to place it on your altar or near a mirror to reflect this beautiful work.

About Sarah Magida

Sarah works as an artist and life coach for artists and highly creative people to get them in touch with their flow and space of creative genius. 

Sarah mainly works as a fiber artist at the intersection of healing and hand work. She has a BFA, MA, and is working towards ICF certification.

With a creative, connected soul, she’s also a reiki healer, growing a dye garden and studying the ayurvedic healing used in the natural dye process.