Somatic Revival

about this event

Join us, dear community, for a Cocréa day long event!

*This is a two part, same day event*

As we emerge from the chyrsalis of frozen time and held breath, immerse and play with the current Cocréa cohort of facilitators-in-training. Led by Cocréa founder, Wren LaFeet, spend the day in learning techniques and practices for deepening intimacy and freeing expression. Spend the night in somatic dialogue and sensuous revelry with community.

Workshops throughout the day will be around connection, presence and attunement, as well as specific skill building for reliably generating flow and fluid partnered movement.

After a 2 hour break from 5pm-7pm, return for a cacao fueled evening of luscious bass music from Heather Christie, Wren LaFeet and your own local lady and lad, Rose Dayal and Bozzy.

In true Cocréa fashion we invite you to an experience of synthesis, connection and communion. Bringing the worlds of Fusion partner dance, ecstatic and juicy, saucy bass together for a night of exploratory delight, we’re excited to share presence with you in all its iterations.





the 418 Project

155 S. River St.Santa Cruz CA, 95060



We will dive in to exploration within: 

~Form and structure

~Lead/ follow 

~Spacial awareness 

~Awareness of Music 

~Attunement to our innate belonging

~Impeccable attunement to one another

*exact classes taught by whom TBD


Dinner break 


Collective Cacao Deliciousness to open the Heart led by Leslie


Communiyum facilitated by Wren


Rose Dayal


Heather Christie




Heather is a folk-soul singer, producer, DJ, and the founder of motherhood-focused record label, Möonbabe Records. Her indelible curiosity and independence have led her on a lifelong creative journey exploring the performing arts, dance, and music production. Raised in Santa Cruz by a family of Grateful Dead lovers, she’s followed the dream of performing since five years old, spending her childhood in classical choir, teen singing competitions, and starring in Broadway musicals. In college, she discovered modern dance and became inspired by the avant-garde choreographer Anna Halprin. When Heather started learning Ableton she saw an opportunity to connect with people through bass and trance energy, unlocking new realms of consciousness and self-identity.

Heather has co-founded the music projects Feral Fauna, Silk Drop, Honeywild, and Sirens of Soul, with Feral Fauna’s “Tincture” gaining viral recognition with millions of streams.

BRENÉE ROUSSELBrenée is a birth doula, trained CPM (Certified Professional Midwife), and is a developing preconception coach assisting people in intentionally conceiving babies. She has studied how to hold this sacred container of ushering in new expansions of the human experience since 2013. Learning the wisdom of being a gatekeeper of life has created a nuance on “midwifing” people within their personal processes from birth and beyond, knowing it is all interconnected. 

Dance always came naturally to Brenée, even as a child. In time, she began exploring her “Yes!” through authentic movement. Eventually majoring in concert dance floor sessions, as well as fire dance performance, she outgrew her roots in Maine and landed on the west coast of North America. 

She discovered Cocréa at Beloved Festival in 2018, finding a home within its practice that was innate in her personal practice. She began her training to become a Cocréa Mindful Partner Dance instructor in the fall of 2019 and is excited to be sharing this body wisdom as the first graduate of Cocréa‘s facilitator training.

ROSE DAYALRose is a DJ, sound healer, singer, and musician whose passion for music began at the age of 2 when she would freestyle rhythmic poetry to her parents. She derives much of her musical inspiration from the elements of the natural world and the deep realms of the unseen. She believes music, sound, and especially our voices are some of the most potent healing tools we have.  

Expect to be taken on a rhythmic, sonic journey through melodic deep bass, medicine, tribal, afro rhythms, booty-shaking beats, and hip-hop.


Wren has been dancing in partnership for 23 years and loves serving humanity to become more embodied as a somatic permissionary. Teaching partner dance internationally as a practice for mindful, authentic living, and enlivening communities by facilitating his signature modality, Cocréa, has been his joy for a decade. Wren guides humans towards right relationship with themselves, the Earth, Music, Others, Communities and the Whole through movement; listening and responding in service to the highest good for all life. He is a celebrated TEDx speaker, featured author in “ReInhabiting the Village” and ardent proponent of pioneering a new renaissance through authentic connection and consensual touch. 

As a Danyasa trained facilitator, former Awake at Work program facilitator, certified Attunement Therapy practitioner, and BA in Drama and Dance from the University of Washington, Wren promotes dance as an embodied approach to exploring consciousness and medicinal salve for our modern ailments of disconnection and dislocation.


Ian Stratton (aka Bozzy) has been DJing since 2009 and facilitating healing spaces since 2018. He loves using all his tools to help others find the beautiful intersection of depth and freedom. On the musical coin, one side is Slow, Saucy, Thick, Deep – the other is Spicy, Funky, Tribal & Effervescent. See you on the dance floor…

What you will gain by coming to class:

You will enhance your ability to create a safe container for you and dance partner, by finding more confidence within the container you hold as a lead, thus discovering creative and inspirational ways to offer invitations of expression to your follow.

As you follow, you will deepen your ability to listen, surrender, respond, and relax – creating for a more fluid conversation with your lead. 

One of the phrases we’ll play with embodying is “intimacy with sovereignty”.

You will walk away with a more fine tuned ability to “read the room”, and open up your spidey senses as to what is happening not just in your own personal dance, but what is happening around you. This will offer safety for you, your dance partner, and others on the floor, as well as create an opportunity for confidence in moving around the dance floor even more. 

You will also deepen your ability to “hear” music by learning how to understand the expressions of “voices”’ within a song, generating more awareness to instruments, singers, beats, etc. to be able to choose which sound you want to groove to within a song. 


We invite clear eyes and auric fields!

Come sober. Cocréa is about practicing authentic relating and holds consent as central to its teachings. It’s challenging (or impossible) to obtain consent when altered. As fun as it is, this is not that party. Let’s get high on endorphins, eye contact, breath, movement, touch, grimey beats and soaring melody.

We invite evolution and growth!

Come to the workshops. We love to dance and we love to be together in community, and we’ll be the first to acknowledge there is no better place to learn than on the dance floor in the moment. Except MAYBE in a space designed specifically to support you upleveling your Jedi bad-assery. Join Wren and Brenee for a day of psycillium activating, community soil amending somatic inquiry into epic presence and attunement.

We invite ecstatic play and bliss!

Come to get the funk down. Cocréa is a practice space for the dance of life. We welcome all expressions of your being, of your freedom, of your intimacy. We welcome you getting into your pleasure, we welcome you getting into your grief, we welcome you releasing deeply into your joy. We create an agreement field that we’re all going to show up all the way and play full out.