Solo Sister Circle: A Virtual Event to Celebrate your Singleness

about this event

Spoiler: You don’t have to do single alone.

Hey single woman! Are you:

  • feeling like you’re on a different life path than most of the women in your life (either by choice or chance)? 
  • sick of people acting like there’s something wrong with your singleness? 
  • really over questions like, “are you dating again?” or “when will you get back out there?”
  • feeling a desire to connect with other women who are in the same boat and totally GET IT?

The Solo Sister Circle is a LIVE virtual event that will allow you to celebrate your singleness in community with other women! 

The only requirement is that you identify as a single woman. You in?

You’ll leave this 90-minute virtual celebration feeling:

  • More permission for exactly where are right now in your life
  • A deeper connection to yourself and your desires
  • Brighter, lighter, and inspired
  • Ready to call in what’s next for your life— be it a lover, a house, a friend, a vacation— it’s up to YOU
  • A sense of belonging in a community of other like-minded women 
  • Filled up with the sisterhood nutrient (there’s really nothing like it)

As women, community and connection are built into our DNA. There is a special nutrient in sisterhood that you can only access in a space like this— spaces of vulnerability, safety, and permission. 

Come as you are, and come to receive. Paige will lead you with prompts and exercises that allow you to open your heart, meet other women who understand your path, give you a space of full permission to celebrate YOU, and find a place where you belong!

Ground rules: 

  • Come as you are: I’m rolling out the red carpet for all parts of you. Come messy, pissed off, sobbing, excited, anxious, or anything in between. There is space and approval for you AND all of your emotions. In fact, feeling your feelings is celebrated here! 
  • Zero judgement: When you attend the workshop, you’ll be entering a sacred virtual space, and judgement of any kind will not be tolerated. This safe space offers full approval and love for your entire process. 
  • Be on time: Honor your time, my time, and the time of your sisters. Please show up on time. I will close the zoom room to new attendees after 10 minutes. If you are late, you will not be permitted to enter. 
  • Be present: Aren’t we distracted enough? Give yourself this time as a gift. Turn off any notifications. Get comfy. Pour yourself a cup of tea. And get ready for an evening of nourishing sisterhood connection.

“The workshop helped me come back to the present, get clarity, and have hope again for the future, all while being in a safe and inspiring group of people on the same journey.” -Anonymous

Hosted by coach Paige Wilhide of Breakup Breakthrough.

IG: @paigewilhide


NO refunds will be issued for any reason, including if the purchaser is unable to attend all or part of the event. In the case that the purchaser can no longer attend for any reason, she may transfer her ticket to another woman to attend in her place.

In the unlikely case that the we need to postpone or cancel the event, we will give the option for purchasers to use their ticket for a future event, or will issue full refunds within 5 business days.

Hi Friend!

I’m a breakup coach and a single woman in my mid 30s.

Through my own personal journey, I have struggled to find approval for my single-ness, especially as I have watched my friends move through all the celebratory life stages: engagements, weddings, motherhood.

In my work as a coach, I have an incredible support system and community, I have lots of tools for working through the spots where I feel lonely/stuck/isolated/behind and yet, in spite of all of that, I still find myself seeking a community of like-minded, growth-oriented, spiritual women who totally get it.

So I’m taking it upon myself to create that community and re-write the narrative around what it means to be single.

<3 Paige