SLOW SUNDAY: Flow to restore with crystal bowls

about this event

Oxford’s Every Body Studio and &Sister have teamed up with Quarters Collective to bring a restorative workshop to their beautiful space.

Most of us do too much, too quickly and sleep and rest too little. Far from being lazy, rest is a fundamental part of health that we all neglect. It’s the lowest thing on the to do list, the thing we often let slide.

We are bringing you a delicious two hour long opportunity to take care of yourself, designed to leave you feeling positive and ready for the week ahead. Alicia will lead a flowing yoga practice, which will then be followed by Sam Bowers expertly providing us with the calming sounds of crystal bowls. Think blankets, bolsters, herbal tea and snacks.

We will be warm and cosy, tucked up for a truly lovely evening of being looked after. Come in your PJ’s if you like! Then you can drift off home for a long, deeply restorative sleep.