Slow, Saucy and Sacred Retreat

about this event

A dance and wellness retreat offering you the opportunity to slow down, turn inwards and explore your sensuality from a place of reverence, safety and acceptance.

Enjoy 4 delightful days and 3 luscious nights of movement, partner dance and restoration to heal your relationship with pleasure through touch, dance and presence.

Our spacious days will allow for gentle learning of an intuitive nature, held with the intention of inviting, allowing and opening to greater sensitivity, enjoyment and embracing of our own sensual nature.

With only 30 people maximum on site, the intimacy of this retreat promises to enhance your ability to nurture real connections and unplug from the neuropathic stress of day to day life.

Slow down, unplug and reset. 

Dive deep into the realm of connection and embodied relating through partner dance. Find out how partner dancing is a modality that teaches us so much about ourself and our relationships.  Learn better communication skills, cultivate more trust and intimacy, become more confident expressing yourself, and be nourished by our expertly held container of gentle, authentic community. 

Our venue is set alongside an ecological preserve where you will enjoy beautiful nature, an exquisite hot tub, sustainably sourced and lovingly prepared meals, live music and a spacious workshop schedule.  With plenty of time to unwind and relax between sessions, you will learn partner dance techniques that cultivate deep connection, fluidity and ease as well as the opportunity to give and receive restorative Thai massage.

No previous partner dance experience necessary.