Silent Tea Meditation

about this event

We are free and we choose to gather. We arrive to sit and listen to the sound of our own being. We follow with presence while the tea utensils are being set out following steps that have been designed by practice and economy of movement. We wait for the water to heat-up, we see how the teaware is being washed. We acknowledge each other’s presence. We continue to breathe. We allow ourselves falling into a calmer place, we wait. We look at the teapot while is being filled with water, the tea is then poured smoothly in each bowl. We wait. We get offered the first bowl of tea, we see it. We pick up the bowl and take in the aroma and the fragrance speaks to us. We sip, slurp and let the licquour be drunk. We breathe. We feel the tea going in all places of our body. It changes us with each bowl. More bolws. We drink and sit in silence. We wait. We are home.