2-Day: Siddhi’s 1 Advanced Initiation

about this event

Next Siddhi’s One Initiation Course –

Saturday, April 1, 3-6p

Sunday, April 2, 11a-3p

  • Must have attended: 4-Day Intro to Vedic Meditation Course, Cosmic Body Technique for 1 yr and meditating twice a day non-negotiably in order to enroll.
  • Held in-person and with limited availability via Zoom.
    • Please keep in mind that learning in-person is always the preference on Initiation Day (First Day). This new online offering is ideally for those who are non-local, immune-compromised, or absolutely unable to attend in person.
  • Students must attend both days
  • Note: time is in Mountain Standard Time
  • Please make payment of $1000 through Venmo: @YashodaDeviMa or Check payable to YDM MEDITATION LLC (bring on first day)no payment programs available