Shamanic Reiki & Energy Medicine – Level 1

about this event

Reiki is a simple modality to learn, and once you are attuned to the lineage, it will be with you for life. It can be subtle, yet is deeply profound and powerful! I am honoured to have witnessed some of the biggest transformations in students and clients when working with Reiki. 

We gather together in an intimate group that allows for deeper connection and sharing. The Level 1 is predominately about self-healing and the foundation teachings of the Reiki lineage. You will receive an attunement into the lineage, learn techniques on how to work with Reiki Energy and how you can improve all areas of your life, not just energetically, also physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We also cover grounding and protection, sacred practices, setting up your space, meditations and much more. 

Why I call it Shamanic Reiki…as Don Jose Ruiz states, “Shamanism encourages you to find your own truth, to follow your own heart, and to see that the answers you seek are already inside of you.” My teachings are about empowering YOU to find that wisdom within yourself and to give you the tools to connect deeply, very simply, and powerfully. We are also sharing the space with many guardians of light, ancestors and angelic beings that are assisting your individual processes. We connect to my Native American Tribe, the upper world, the under world and our middle world. Harmonising with nature, realising that nothing is separate, allowing your inner world to guide you and following on from your ancestors that guided you here. We connect to the elements, the animal spirits, dream space and deep listening, so that we can remember and then follow the path of the awakening heart


At the heart of my work, my desire is to connect you back with your true essence, to guide you to be in full acceptance of everything and everyone, to bring you into the present moment, and to bring deep awareness to yourself and to what’s happening around you. This isn’t about healing other people, it’s about being a source of inspiration for others, and to be of service by being in a vibration of joy, and becoming the empowered master.  This is more than Reiki, this is elemental embodiment, energy medicine, transformation and evolution. A daily practice of awareness and healing.