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GO DEEP | DANCE WITH YOUR SHADOWS | BE YOUR VISION… Shadow Dance is a mind blowing multimedia journey that combines contact ecstatic dance, yoga, guided moving meditation, Jungian psychology, sound healing, sadhana (spiritual practice), pranayama (breathwork) & tantra (sacred sensuality).

Here’s what to expect: Yogi Emily Meyers guides you into a transcendental state as DJ Torkom Ji & Michael Strauss take you through an awe amazing audio visual journey through the 7 chakras. Be transported by moving visuals, develop your power of focused concentration, experience oneness, make new friends, take home amazing photos and videos, become a better yogi, let go of your inhibitions, explore your sensuality and lose yourself in flow.

Highlights include…

Contact Ecstatic Dance | Cannabis Ritual | Mind Blowing Psychedelic Visuals | Shamanic Dance Music & Sound Healing | Dharma Talk | Sadhana (Spiritual Practice) | CBD Infused Tonic Bar | Primal Vocal Therapy | Drum Circle | Optional Nudity | Fire Dancing | Body Painting | Eye Gazing | Connect with the Spiritual Community | Authentic Relating | Freestyle Yoga | Acro-Yoga | Costumes & Adornments Encouraged | Bring a Healing Gift to Share with Someone.


Body Movement

Body movement will be guided by Emily Meyers. Engaging in body movement can heal your body, reduce anxiety and depression, improve mood, boost self-esteem, minimize stress, and enhance cognitive functioning. Shadow dance is a combination of different styles of movement including acro, contact, ecstatic dance, yoga, fire dancing, hooping and more. Shadow dance is all about embodying your highest self and making movement a spiritual experience. Here are five ways movement can benefit your health: enhanced mood, improved sex life, enhanced brain health, healthier bones & healthier lymph.

Sound vibration

Torkom Ji takes you on an amazing sound journey through the Seven Chakras vibrating at 432 hz. Sound vibration can induce deep states of meditation, inner reflection, expanded creation, and the processing of stuck emotions. Sound healing is great for treating depression, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, autism and learning difficulties, behavioral and psychiatric disorders and dementia. It also improves sleep, lowers stress, lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol levels, lowers risk for coronary artery disease and stroke, decreases mood swings and teaches pain management.


Michael Strauss will teleport us to other dimensions with his mind bending visual journey through the seven chakras; weaving Jungian philosophy, sacred geometry, beautiful landscapes, ethereal worlds and color therapy. Color therapy is also known as chromotherapy, which is a vibrational healing modality. Color is electromagnetic energy which takes form as visible light. Every color has its own unique healing qualities. It is known to be effective in the treatment of addiction, central and peripheral nervous system dysfunctions, diseases of the skin and gums, decreasing inflammation, clearing your energy field and controlling the body’s metabolism.

Pranayama (breathwork)

Pranayama is the regulation of the breath through certain yogic techniques and exercises. Many yogis rank pranayama over asana as the most valuable part of the practice. Breathwork can induce a state of ecstasy, physical well-being and spiritual expansion. It also can aid in digestion and weight loss, stress reduction, improve sleep and clari ty of mind. Pranayama means stretching or extending your lifeforce. Thus, the word “pranayama” translates to the control of life force. It is also known as the extension of breath.


Tantra is one of the most ancient forms of yoga and has been popularized in the west as sacred sensuality. You might have heard of tantric love making before; hours of sex, intense orgasms. That’s all possible through tantra and there are even more benefits including increased health and vitality and stronger and more profound mental, emotional, spiritual and physical relationships. The ultimate purpose of sacred sexuality is ONENESS. Through tantra you can find oneness with yourself, oneness with your partner, oneness with humanity and eventually oneness with the universe.

Shadow Psychology

In honor of Carl Jung who we can thank for introducing the chakras system to the west. After learning about the chakra system in India, he raised awareness through his lecture series The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga. Jung’s shadow psychology resonates with the underlying principles of tantra philosophy where darkness and light, really all polarities, are woven together to ultimately transcend duality altogether. It’s interesting to consider that the latin roots of transcend mean to go through (trans) and beyond (scend). Notice you can’t skip to the “beyond” part without going “through” the human part. So let’s embrace it and dance with our shadows.

Sadhana (Spiritual Practice & Yoga Philosophy)

Sadhana is your spiritual practice. Daily practices might include prayer, meditation, yoga, service, mantra, reading sacred literature and more! As you become more sincere in your spiritual journey, your entire life will eventually reflect your sadhana. A modern spiritual teacher and yogi, Sadhguru explains that, “Everything can be sadhana. The way you eat, the way you sit, the way you stand, the way you breathe, the way you conduct your body, mind and your energies and emotions – this is sadhana.” Through sadhana we can realize our most profound life purpose.

We are excited to take this journey with you! Please bring a yoga mat & whatever else you would like to be cozy during the sound bath. Feel free to contact us with any concerns or special needs through email at



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