Sesiones Sagradas: Music & Mysticism with Mark Wagner

about this event



Mark’s Music & Mysticism Soul Readings incorporate your name and numerology and will culminate in a musical composition that you’ll be able to keep.

Our name and date of birth have a profound energetic influence on who we are and are becoming. On a deeper level your Soul resonates with them as part of the ideal conditions for incarnation. Using psychic intuition, ‘Language of the Birds’ and numerology, Mark hears the vibration and resonance underlying the meanings embedded in the names and numbers as well as your natural potential, unique talents, desires, challenges and overall life path. Language of the Birds is the mythical-Mystical ‘language’ of the Hermetic, Alchemist or Seer –who can See and Hear the signs and symbolism enabling insight into hidden meanings. As part of the reading, Mark will create a personalized meditative piece of music using chosen frequencies and sounds for you to contemplate.

Your sole purpose is to be you, when you align with your Soul purpose you are in tune with your-self and going with your flow. Life being the reflection of your own inner world, when we reveal ourself to ourselves and find our flow, Life flows…

Mark will require when signing up, your full birth names, current names (if different from birth name) and date of birth. Your signature piece of music will be prepared before the session which will be recorded. After the session, it will be compiled and mastered and sent to you by file transfer.

Mark Wagner is a British/French artist, composer and Mystic based in London. His personal journey has led him to study Mysticism from countless traditions and forms, incorporating them into his creative work. A whirling dervish and intuitive, his work offers a new spin and artistic approach to age old philosophies and practices, creating a dynamic and inspiring form of healing for a life more magical and harmonious.

Music & Mysticism Soul Reading sessions will be recorded both through the Zoom platform and Mark Wagner’s studio set up. The recording will then be edited and worked into the final musical piece that will be sent to the participant by file transfer.

Unless specifically requested by the participant, a minute long excerpt of the musical piece may be used by Mark Wagner as a sample of his work.