Sesiones Sagradas: Ancestral Healing & Empowerment with Stephanie Lyra Lin

about this event



Join Stephanie Lyra Lin to explore, heal, and empower yourself from the roots with the support of guided meditation, intuitive coaching, and Family Constellations work.

Together, you’ll shed light on any major events within your ancestral past (three generations back) that created trauma, or blocks to the natural flow of love and life force energy. Through a clear awareness of the bigger picture of your family, unresolved issues may be illuminated and healed, and a genuine shift towards acceptance and respect for your lineage may take place. As balance and order is restored to the family system, you will be invited to receive the rich gifts flowing to you from your roots to empower you on your personal path.

Stephanie Lyra Lin is an intuitive healer, Certified Life Coach, Family Constellations practitioner, and spiritual guide. She holds a Master’s degree in Buddhism from Columbia University, and has spent many years devoted to the path of healing and spiritual enlightenment. She currently resides in Hawaii and works with clients and groups to support the mastery of mind, the healing of emotional and energetic imbalances, and joyful alignment with one’s soul path.