September Nourishment Session

about this event

Welcome to the Conscious Creators Club’s monthly nourishment session! These free sessions happen every month for members of the CCC. To learn or join us, click here


Ritualized journeys designed to facilitate shifts within, by bathing our senses of sound and touch in the rhythms of the natural world. When we Sēfari, we are suspended in the embrace of warm water, immersed in the luscious sounds of nature, and guided to a liminal state of soft fascination where creativity and healing can occur. It is a practice of embodiment. A technique for subduing the overactive mind in order to awaken the central intelligence of the heart.

You might want to join this immersion if: 

1) You have difficulty meditating

2) You feel disconnected from your intuition

3) You  feel disempowered in the company of others 

4) You seek clarity in your sense of purpose 

5) You feel called to serve something greater than yourself 

Takeaways from this immersion: 

1) Quieting of the mind, softening of the heart, strengthening of your body

2) Feelings of contentment & appreciation for inner & outer growth 

3) A natural practice to attune your senses & discover the nature of deep listening 

4) A strong capacity  to focus your attention 

5) Total body x mind x emotional coherence

Jobi Manson is an interdisciplinary artist working in neuroaesthetics, the landscapes of sound, and elemental immersion. After suffering temporary paralysis from breaking her neck during an ocean swim, Manson became fascinated with sensory awareness, regeneration, and embodied emotional intelligence. In 2015, she founded Sēfari, a platform for simple and transformative experiences that merge science, nature, and art in the pursuit of psychosomatic transformation.

To visit Sēfari:

Instagram: @iamsefari or @jobimanson