Self-Pleasuring Exploration for Women

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Whether we are in a relationship or not, there are so many variables that may affect whether we are truly enjoying our sex-life.

Sometimes we don’t know ourselves and our own bodies, or we are still shrouded in shame from our upbringing, or maybe, we have unresolved trauma from our past…

It’s highly likely we not taken the time to fully explore ourselves… the way we wish a lover would.

Let’s be honest, IF we are even taking the time to pleasure ourselves, we are often heading right for the orgasm. Approaching ourselves with a wham-bam-thank-you-mam energy. Get the orgasm in and then get out.

…and then we are disappointed when our lovers treat us this same way.

Great sex begins at home… at home in our own bodies.

Knowing yourself, discovering what you like, giving YOURSELF an experience of a luscious night of love and self-sex is an important way to:

Have a great night. 😉

Set a ‘template’ in your body for the kind of love you desire from a lover.

Receive clarity on what it is you like so you can give more of it to yourself and so you can express it to future lovers.

Gain confidence.

Have a delicious, nourishing, rich sex-life all your own that isn’t dependent on having a lover or what your lover brings to you.

Creating a vibrational pull for more sexual experiences that match this kind of honoring and self-love.

Discover how to give it to yourself exactly how you like it. Luxuriate in an experience that is both nourishing and exquisitely sensual.

Have some of the BEST SEX OF YOUR LIFE… even without a partner.

Join me for The Self-Pleasuring Exploration for Women Online Event:

Thursday, April 2nd 7pm – 8:30/9pm PST

$45 per individual

*Or register for you and a friend and save!
$80 for two


Before the event you will receive:

*Sacred Space Preparation Audio ~ to help you prepare the space to have a sensual vibe.

*Link to Spotify Sensual Playlist ~ use this during the class to set the tone for the evening.

*Pre-event list of supplies needed to get the most out of the class.

During this Online Event we will:

Get to know ourselves and how we have previously defined ourselves sexually.

Nourish our bodies with tenderness and care.

Open up sexual/ sensual energy in new ways.

Discover what opens our bodies to pleasure and fully indulge in it.

The Self-Pleasuring Exploration for Women Online Event:
April 2nd 7pm – 8:30/9pm PST

$45 per individual 

*Or register for you and a friend and save!
$80 for two


It’s going to be a GREAT night. 🙂

I’m super excited! This is a such a sweet gift to give to yourself.