Self-Love & Success

about this event

Discover your blindspots Restore inner peace Manifest your desires

A free masterclass and live coaching with self-love and success coach Aimee Teesdale

In this masterclass you will:

♥ Find out why typical Law of Attraction methods often fail and learn the 3 magic keys to manifesting that have nothing to do with vision boards and thinking positive

♥ Become more self-aware by revealing and releasing the invisible blockages that limit your self-love so that you leave feeling happier, lighter and more free

♥ Discover The 5D Method for conscious manifestation that has enabled my clients to 10x their revenue, start new businesses following their passions, attract golden opportunities and much more…

This workshop is for you if:

♥ You often feel like you’re getting in your own way or holding yourself back but don’t know why

♥ You aren’t quite seeing the results you’d really love in your life and/or business

♥ You want to learn how you can increase your self-worth and inner peace without having to say affirmations a million times a day

About the host:

When it comes to self-love, spirituality and success, Aimee is your go-to expert as she has dedicated her life to studying the art and science of conscious manifestation.

Aimee spent most of her life struggling to create the life of her dreams. That was until she went on a life-changing meditation retreat, found inner peace, and shortly afterwards celebrated her first 5-figure month in business. That was when she realised that the secret to success is self-love.

Her sole (soul) purpose is now to enable others to create the life and business of their dreams by helping them to love themselves unconditionally and realise who they truly are.