Self Hypnosis for Stress Relief

about this event

This online workshop is designed to help you navigate through current times of uncertainty using easy, effective methods based in hypnotherapy and neuroplasticity.

If you have been feeling a general sense of unease, or find that more and more situations are causing you stress and anxiety in your life, you are not alone. We’re all living in times of uncertainty and need a little bit of help moving through what we are collectively experiencing.

Whether a stressful situation needs immediate attention, or is purely psychological, this workshop will teach you how to access a state of balance and calm so that you can be better equipped to handle whatever is thrown at you during these uncertain times. With repetition, these methods will allow you to build calmer associations to the stressors in your life so that they no longer have a negative effect on your daily life.

Here’s what you can expect from the workshop:

  • Five minute introductory meditation to get you nice and grounded
  • Introductory teaching on mindfulness and neuroplasticity
  • Demonstration/practice of four quick and easy stress eliminating methods
  • Demonstration/practice of two longer format methods
  • Review of the material + time for questions and discussion
  • Closing meditation to set you on your way feeling nice and relaxed

Please find a comfortable place where you’ll be undisturbed for an hour. Note-taking is encouraged. The class will be hosted online via Zoom.

Most importantly, bring a sense of curiosity and readiness to learn some powerful stuff! See you there!

This workshop is hosted by Matt Walczak – a NYC based Hypnotherapist who specializes in anxiety and stress relief. Matt’s methodologies are crafted to bring a sense of balance to the stresses of modern life. You can learn more at