Self-Criticism: Solve It Right Now!

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 “Coaching mentor Dr. Robert Dee McDonald, the greatest coach in the world, resolves people’s long-standing issues in minutes. He is the most stunningly effective coach I’ve ever encountered.” – Carolyn Elliott

Do you have an inner critic that knows exactly how to criticize you?

Are you tired of being your own punching bag?

Do you know how to “jab” or put down yourself in just the right way?

Are you ready to resolve this inner battle today?

Dr. Robert Dee McDonald knows how to instantly and permanently heal and transform your inner bully, so you will never get hurt by them again.

You will heal any inner negative voices that have blocked your way to your birthright, self-worth, self-esteem, and self-love.

He is a pioneer of the coaching world. His process resolves self-doubt, self-worth, and self-criticism issues.

Dr. Robert’s personal mission in life is to heal and be healed. His vision is a world populated with healers. And his purpose is to create Heaven on Earth.

All of his work reflects his mission and vision and is founded on the spiritual principle that behind every behavior, thought, feeling and experience are universally acceptable gifts and positive intentions, which often need additional modes of expression.

You do not need any previous experience, just come with an open mind and an open heart.

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Join us and you will…

  • Learn about your mind, how it works, & how your beliefs and thoughts impact your actions and results
  • Learn how to change your mind and KEEP the change
  • Understand the cognitive source of depression and anxiety
  • Make peace with your subconscious mind & develop positive regard for all parts of yourself

Guest Expert

Dr. Robert Dee McDonald | Creator of The Destination® Coaching Method and has been transforming lives for over 30 years. He is an author, international speaker, and founder of The Telos Healing Centers in the USA and Europe,, and

He is the co-author of Tools of The Spirit, a Transpersonal Coaching text, and the best-selling NLP book of all time, The New Technology of Achievement. Dr. Robert has taught several hundred thousand people in 19 countries around the world for decades, is a former Member of the Board of Trustees for the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, CA, and founder of Mental and Spiritual Wellness at the Center for New Medicine, Irvine, CA.

Love for Dr. Robert 💜

“I am happy to talk to anyone about my experience with Dr. Robert Dee McDonald. I have trained extensively with him, and his work is the foundation of mine. He is one of the master healers of our time, IMHO.” – Renee

“Robert’s warmth, tenderness, and sincere caring for each and every one of the participants, including myself, made me realize that I had finally found an instructor who gave a Heart to NLP.” – Sonia

“I entered the workshop expecting information and techniques. I left the workshop filled with change and awareness. A profound experience for me! Robert McDonald is superb, witty, intelligent, and very caring. A joy to work with.” – Norma

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