Self Care Sunday: Yoga & Sound Healing

about this event

Join licensed holistic therapist and yoga teacher Megan Sherer, along with sound healer Liz Ophoven, for this incredible afternoon of relaxation. 

We will start with some grounding practices and light yoga, with an emphasis on restorative poses (all yoga levels are welcome – no prior experience necessary!). Then Megan will lead you through a guided relaxation process to prepare you for deep rejuvination in the sound bath. As a licensed clinical hypnotherapist, Megan has an incredibly soothing way of calming your mind and body, while also inspiring you to connect with the most vibrant version of yourself.

Liz will lead you through a sound bath, which will feel like to most restful thing you have ever experienced! All you need to do is lay there, relax and receive as she plays the beautiful and powerful vibrations of her crystal bowls. 

What to bring:

Yoga mat 

Comfortable clothes

Eye mask for the sound bath (optional)

Blanket or other props for the sound bath (optional) 

About your hosts: 

Megan Sherer is a Holistic Therapist and wellness expert who specializes in love, self-worth and relationships. Megan’s mission is to help women connect to the most authentic expression of love in their lives in order to have more self-confidence, healthier relationships, and a stronger sense of purpose. She pulls from a diverse background of modalities, alongside her strong intuitive abilities, to take a truly holistic and personalized approach to helping you get to the root of what’s going on for you and how to effectively change it.

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Liz Ophoven is a Sound Healer, Yogi and Ceremonialist living in Seattle with her husband and 2 teens. She has worked in the Healing Arts for nearly a decade with a focus on facilitating ceremonies with Ceremonial Cacao and Quartz Crystal Bowl Sound Healing. When time allows Liz travels to retreats and shares her additional passions for nourishing food and clay sculpture.

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