Seasonal Ceremony: Summer Expansion

about this event

Based on Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine each season is characterized with weather patterns, energetics, an element, and organs. This can be seen in Great nature through plants, animal behaviors, and cultural traditions.

The energetics of each season are influenced by the balance of yin and yang energies. In the yin seasons of winter and fall, the energy is more inward, introspective, and restorative, while in the yang seasons of spring and summer, the energy is more outward, active, and expansive.

Enter each seasonal transition with gentle curiosity, tenderness, and connection to Self. Enjoy a dynamic seasonal yoga practice to support your body, mind, and spirit. Followed by a guided breathwork healing session to move and release old stagnant energy, move forward with an open heart, clarity, and new intentions for the new season.

What to expect:

  • welcome, introduction, & discussion on the season
  • seasonal yoga practice
  • breathwork healing
  • meditation & usui reiki
  • intention setting journaling
  • open circle sharing
  • closing energy circle

This a FOUR part series during each Equinox & Solstice month.

Seasonal ceremony series:

Sat. Jun. 3, 2023 | 4:00p – 6:00p est – Summer Expansion:

The summer season is associated with the element of Fire, which is believed to be the time of increased yang energy. The Fire element is associated with the Heart and Small Intestine organs, as well as the emotion of joy. Explore the energy of growth and expansion and what it means for us this season.

Sat. Sept. 9, 2023 | 4:00p – 6:00p est – Fall Release: 

The fall season is associated with the metal element, which governs the lungs and large intestine. It invites us to begin to slow down and letting go to prepare for the cold weather season ahead.

Sun. Dec. 3, 2023 | 4:00p – 6:00p est – Winter Rest: 

Winter season is associated with the water element. It represents the most Yin aspects of Chinese Medicine. Yin’s characteristics are “feminine”, passive, receptive, and sensitive. It’s nurturing, intuitive, relaxed, imaginative, quiet, introverted, night, moon, water, softness. Learn why stillness and rest are key in the winter to replenish your resources.