Salt Therapy + Yin Yoga

about this event

Experience efficient wellness with the benefits of Salt Therapy + Yin Yoga. Natural salt caves have been used in Eastern Europe for more than 150 years. Salthaus halo rooms circulate dry, salty air to recreate the microclimate of a salt cave. Sitting in the halo room and breathing the dry, salty air is the treatment. Salt reaches the deepest part of the lungs to absorb bacteria, pollutants, and to provide an anti-inflammatory effect. A halo session helps to reduce stress and anxiety, strengthens your immunity and boosts athletic recovery.

Join us for a special practice with Brittney Ryacki for Yin Yoga + Salt Therapy (Halotherapy) in our Modern Salt Room. Yin Yoga focuses on the connective tissues of the body through asanas that are held in stillness and mindful awareness for several minutes at a time. Consider this a class for your joints and not your muscles. Yin yoga is a perfect addition to your Halo session as it eases you into calmness and balance. Use of props, essential oils and hands on adjustments will be at play in this class to achieve the greatest benefit from each posture. This is an all levels class, appropriate for beginners and advanced practitioners.

About Brittney:

Brittney was a competitive gymnast and dancer growing up and eventually had to quit due to health reasons. Through studying about health, nutrition, diet and exercise in order to treat her own immune system she found yoga. In 2016 she travelled to Rishikesh, India for her yoga teacher training and hasn’t stopped teaching since. Brittney is able to use her vast knowledge of the body, sports training and passion for helping others to structure classes for each individual student she is teaching. Brittney studied Pranayama, Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy, Meditation, Ayurveda, Myofascial Release Therapy and has certification in Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga from Vinyasa Yoga School and Yin Yoga from Yoga Connections Phuket.

Halotherapy + Yin Yoga Class cost is $45 for 45 min