Salt + Breathe with Amber

about this event

Tap into your greatest power, your breath, it is life changing. Breathing the most basic thing to keep us alive and we all do it over 20 thousand times a day. However are you doing it properly? Improve your Mental and Physical Heath with breathwork to feel your best self.

Join Amber Berger, Co-Founder of Salthaus,  to learn how to breathe away your stress and anxiety in a halo session. Learn breathing exercises to help you explore your own personal power. You will activate diaphragmatic breathing and unlock the key to keeping yourself calm, cool and collected.  

Benefits of breath work include learning focusing skills, calming down of the nervous system, relaxation of your body, boosting mental flexibility, empathy and academic success.

Come dressed as you are, just bring socks!

Halotherapy + Breathe with Amber Class cost is $45 for 45 minutes