Sacred Relationship Couples Retreat: Reinvigorate. Reignite. Renew.

about this event

Are you seeking to rekindle your sacred relationship or deepen your existing connection with your partner? 

Recent studies have revealed that investing time in conscious couple’s retreats and workshops can increase relationship satisfaction by 30%. Couples who prioritize communication and emotional intimacy can significantly enhance the likelihood of maintaining a long, healthy, and fulfilling relationship.

While a strong foundation is important, daily nurture and maintenance are imperative to keep the passion alive. With sacred intentional practices, conflict resolution skills, you can reverse the natural progression of modern relationships, igniting new love and passion to fuel your sacred union each and every day. 

Are you ready to reinvigorate, revitalize and renew your love?

Join us at the Sacred Relationship retreat, a perfect getaway to deepen your emotional connection with your partner.

Combining over 20 years of professional & personal practice, relationship experts Adora Winquist and Shawn Christian are inviting couples to a private exclusive residence in the breathtaking mountains of Malibu to create a blueprint for their deeply loving relationship. Together, Adora and Shawn will explore the magic of a unified approach to love & relationship, the importance of balancing yin and yang, and the benefits of taking a holistic approach to sacred relationships.Accessible practices can transform the way you experience your relationship every day. Adora will guide you through ancestral clearing, alchemy for emotional freedom and resilience, sacred anointing into The Love Frequency™, and Eros Touch™ for sensual connection. Meanwhile, Shawn will help you clear the canvas for your great adventure of love, develop creative conflict resolution practices, and cultivate inner clarity, curiosity, and courage.

This experience includes a delicious organic lunch, a health and beauty spa gift bag, and also promises a luxurious afterparty to celebrate the deepened emotional partner connection, journey of discovery, and newfound emotional freedom.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience to expand & level up your sacred relationship. Tap into The Love Frequency™ to live, experience, & love more fully and freely. Register now at before spaces fill. Plus, receive a $100 referral fee for couple friends! Enjoy easeful payment plans that make this a not-to-miss event!************About Your Guides:

  • Adora Winquist, Internationally renowned author, healer and founder of The Soul Institute for Quantum Living offers an ancient alchemical perspective of soul purpose alignment to elevate consciousness with the frequency of love. 
  • Shawn Christian, celebrity, purpose & mindset coach, and founder of Aloha Life Coaching presents a grounded and gritty approach to mindset empowerment to create any life you can imagine. 
  • A Holistic Approach to Sacred Relationship
    • Adora:
      • Ancestral clearing to release patterns of limitation
      • Alchemy for emotional freedom, empowerment and resilience
      • Sacred anointing into the love frequency
      • Eros Touch for Sensual Connection
    • Shawn: 
      • Clearing the canvas for your great adventure of love 
      • Creative practices for conflict resolution
      • Cultivating Inner Clarity & Creative Curiosity
      • The Courage to be Vulnerable
  • Yin & Yang/ Masculine & Feminine
  • The magic of a unified approach
  • The benefits and importance of holistic love