Sacred Movements

about this event

Sacred Movements is a guided, transformative dance practice designed to accelerate development and growth.

The practice follows a sequence through Activation, Evolvement and Integration.

Activate the Strength

We each hold unique expressions of power. We will move simultaneously and rhythmically as a group to amplify this power.

Evolve the Shadow

The shadow aspect of our lives often create blockages. We will use the body, the space and the music to move our shadows into focus.

Integrate Into a Tribe

The practice utilizes the techniques of:

Tribal Dance – an ancient practice involving rhythmic drumming to connect a group of people through the “heartbeat” of the drum.

Viewpoints – a movement exploration of Space, Shape, Time, Emotion and Story.

Ecstatic – a practice in shamanism to alter consciousness.

Sacred Movements draws on the influences of eastern philosophy, integral theory and wisdom from numerological typologies: numerology and enneagram.

This practice is held as a ceremonial experience.

*All Levels Welcome.


Danielle Rose is a conscious leader composing learning experiences to advance our human potential. She brings a vision and background of education to level-up our collective development.

She utilizes embodied practices of dance and movement with the sacred elements of yoga, meditation and ceremony. Her background in theatre brings an element of performance and show to her guided experiences.

Danielle graduated with Honors from UC Irvine with a BA in Theatre. She focused on physical theatre and directing where she trained in contact improvisation, viewpoints, and clowning.

She is greatly influenced by ancient island traditions and weaves in their elements of dance, chant, narrative, mythology, art and culture. She is working to build an Ancient Future where we re-connect to the land and people while staying present in the forward-thinking world of innovation.