Sacred Geometry: Manifestation Through Illustration

about this event

You hold the wisdom of the Universe inside you.

Sacred Geometry is the blueprint of the Universe and everything in Creation. By activating your awareness and drawing these geometries we can raise our vibration and the space around us! Sacred geometry allows us to unite both the left and right hemispheres of our brains, and align with unity consciousness to facilitate healing within ourselves and in turn, the world!

In this workshop we will:

  • Drop into a sacred space to connect and share with each other who we are and who we want to continue to become.
  • Learn about Sacred Geometry and how to utilize the different energy signatures these geometries hold, along with the chakra system, to create a Visual Mantra
  • Invite these geometries into a guided meditation
  • Learn how to draw your very own Sacred Geometry drawing

We are creating Visual Mantras to use during meditation or to simply raise the vibration of your space and being. These visual mantras are going to allow us to tap into our true divine nature, heal and manifest what we want within the inner and outer realms of our being.

This workshop is for all people who feel called to join, who are on this mission to heal within, to bring healing without on Earth, no knowledge of Sacred geometry or drawing/painting experience required!