Sacred Geometry: Mandalas of Creation

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A weekly online course with Tiffani Gyatso


JUNE 4 • JUNE 11 • JUNE 18 • JUNE 24


From a honeycomb to the bud of a flower to the neural network of the brain, all forms of life are composed of intricate patterns underlined by a basic matrix. Everything in the universe is connected. Through Sacred Geometry we can trace patterns of Creation and by contemplating it we can relax our sense of unity in the perfection of chaos and order.

Sacred Geometry is a vision – by understanding life through all of its creation, we realize that sacredness is all around us, from the new formation of a life cell to the decomposing organic bodies. Drawing geometry aligns our mental function, our emotional hearts and the energy of action to the purpose of opening to that sacred space, beauty and serenity.

In this weekly course, we will learn the construction of basic geometry going through all division of two to ten. In each of our four meetings we will be guided step by step through the process of starting the drawing of a mandala from a blank paper through the coloring. We will learn about the symbolism behind shape, numbers and colors. After one hour and a half you will have a beautiful mandala!

All mandalas are inspired by the deep wisdom and vision of the Middle Eastern traditions, which is elaborated in its architecture and various expressions of art from Morocco all the way to India.

Materials: paper, pencil or mechanical pencil, eraser, ruler, compass, watercolor paints or watercolor pencils.


Session 1 | June 4th

Introduction to Sacred Geometry: Today we will talk about the purpose studying sacred geometry and how it can support our life. We will contemplate the qualities of numbers 2, 4 and 8 related to heaven and earth, creation of structures, justice and logic.

Practice: We will start by drawing a circle on a blank piece of paper and learn how to perfectly divide it in 2, 4 and 8 using only a ruler and a compass. From there we will complete a beautiful eight-pointed rosette. We will learn about the meaning of colors that embody the earth element and about about the essence of Buddha Ratnasambhava to inspire our creativity to color it.

Session 2 | June 11th

Today we will talk about the Seed and the Flower of Life principle, contemplating the qualities of number 3, 6 and 12 related to harmony, creation and perfection of body, speech and mind.

Practice: We start again with a circle and this time dividing perfectly into 6, shaping naturally the seed of life which will initiate our way to the Flower of Life. To color it we will contemplate the wisdom of Buddha Akshobya and the water element.

Session 3 | June 18th

Today we will deepen our possibilities in the division of 6 and 12 creating a beautiful and more intricate 12-fold rosette.

Practice: We will contemplate the wisdom of intuition to color the mood of our heart in this moment after a short meditation to connect to our core.

Session 4 | June 25th

Today we will look into the qualities of number 5 and 10, related to humanity, the golden ratio, spirit and the misteries.

Practice: We will learn how to divide a circle into five and ten and how to construct a couple more basic mandalas made possible with the star and the pentagon shape. To color it we will contemplate the wisdom of Amithaba Buddha and bring in warm colors to it connected with his element, the alchemical fire.

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Tiffani Gyatso is an artist from Brazil who focused her studies on the sacred expressions of art from different cultures. She specialized in traditional Tibetan Thangka painting, which she learned in India at the Norbulingka Institute from the years 2003-2006 and later furthered her studies at the Prince School of Traditional Arts in London where she studied sacred Geometry of the Middle East. Today she runs her own art retreat center at the Atelier YabYum at the mountains of Brazil and guides art groups to India and Nepal.