Sacred Feminine Activation: Reiki Circle and Breathwork

about this event

Live Reiki Circle + Breathwork Event for women who desire a safe space for healing, love, peace, and community.

Discover Your Divine Potential at our upcoming LIVE event

⃤ Sacred Feminine Activation: Reiki Circle + Breathwork. ⃤

⏃ Are you a woman feeling emotionally disconnected and overwhelmed?

⏃ Is your love life leaving you unsatisfied and yearning for more?

⏃ Do you feel burnt out/stuck in your career or in your life in general?

Join us in a sacred space where you will –

  • tap into your inner power
  • connect with an uplifting community
  • ignite the love within and around you

⧐ On July 9, 2023, from 5pm – 7pm EST at Serendipity Lofts in Jersey City

we present the “Sacred Feminine Activation Reiki Circle + Breathwork,” 

a transformative experience designed exclusively for women like you.

⧐ Hosted by Beena Patel, a seasoned Energy Healer & Women’s Coach 

who fearlessly guides successful women who hunger for more 

than what societal norms offer to achieve true fulfillment in their lives. 

She facilitates deep spiritual and energetic healing to help them 

⟁ overcome burnout

⟁ discover deep self-love

⟁ clear emotional blocks

⟁ and manifest their heart’s desires by activating their divine feminine frequency.

Through her transformative work, she helps women heal from within 

and create profound life transformations so that they can effortlessly attract 

what they desire with ease, trust, and flow.

Beena’s work is an alchemical journey that heals and transforms women’s lives 

from the very core, revealing their limitless possibilities.

This empowering event will help you unleash your capacity to manifest love, 

abundance, and true fulfillment in all aspects of your life.

Prepare to enter a world of healing, transformation, and sisterhood.

This event offers a safe space to help you navigate through your emotional hurdles 

towards love and true fulfillment.

And it is an opportunity to replace your feelings of unhappiness and disconnection 

with serenity, peace, and a strong sense of community.

⧐ For this event, Beena is also offering 5 women the chance to have a private session with her 

at a special rate of $197.

This is your moment to receive personalized guidance, 

to dig deeper into your journey, 

and to magnify your healing potential so that you can 

create the transformative shifts and outcomes you desire.

Join us on Sunday July 9, 2023, at Serendipity Lofts in Jersey City, from 5pm – 7pm EST

for the “Sacred Feminine Activation Reiki Circle + Breathwork” and witness the transformation unfold.

Embrace the divine feminine power within you, 

find your peace, 

and let the abundance of love flow into your life.

Together, we will heal, grow, and flourish.

Your journey to manifesting love, abundance, and fulfillment begins here.

Book your ticket today.

*Beena will reach out to you if you have purchased a ticket for the event along with a private session. The session will be scheduled for another day.

IG: Theyogamovement


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