How to Trust Your Intuition and Tune Your Frequency to Your Desires

about this event

Intro to Tuning into Divine Intuition

This workshop will teach you about your whole life becoming your ideal life.

In this workshop, you will enjoy:

  • A guided chakra balancing experience to create alignment in your body and ground you to start your sacred practice.
  • Demystify how to connect deeply to your higher self and learn to access divine guidance.
  • Leave with a clearer understanding of the difference between your ego voice and your inner wisdom voice.
  • Sacred rituals to enhance your life and bring consciousness and connection into your daily routine.
  • And you’ll be able to participate in a nurturing space to explore, while creating forward movement to bring into your daily life.
  • Connect to your soul through sacred ritual and learn to hear, interpret and follow your divine guidance.

Each participant will create a very personal ritual to enhance a daily routine in their lives.

Participants will leave with heightened awareness and new tools that help them connect to their more significant purpose.

Your new ritual will help you to live in a state of consciousness and connection to your inner wisdom.

About Katie Fink

Katie is the Founder & CEO of the recently launched an online marketplace with products, classes and services from exceptional vendors to empower the collective on their wellness & spiritual journeys.

As a retail tech expert with 2 decades of experience at a Fortune 100 retailer she has learned career success and a picture-perfect life doesn’t always translate into a thriving soul.

Katie has found her way back to wholeness with the support of wonderful teachers & now her purpose is to support others to awaken the divine within themselves, turn their mess into their magic & glow in their full luminosity!