RUNGA 1.0 — A Day-Long Wellness Retreat in Venice

about this event

In a peaceful home in Los Angeles, the RUNGA 1.0 experience welcomes a small number of guests to connect with like-minds while taking a hands-on approach to meditation, breathwork, mobility, self-care, nutrition, and cold immersion. Using proprietary breath and mobility techniques, guests will be guided through exercises to relax and unlock the body’s compensatory mechanisms, release tension, and rapidly improve function and joint mobility.

Weaving in yoga and mindfulness practices in this intimate setting, you will connect with yourself while deepening your understanding of wellness as it relates to happiness, phyisical health, and longevity. Beginning with morning coffee and running straight through to a fully organic family-style dinner, the RUNGA 1.0 experience aligns you with your objectives and sets the standard for an optimal day-to-day existence.

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