about this event

ROOT + RISE is an online Monthly Membership Space for Mythic Inner Alchemy.

It is an ongoing personal growth and transformational space that has at its foundations the work of inner – and consequently – outer decolonization as a route to radical wholeness and soul health.

The intention of Root + Rise is to facilitate and support you in your journey of aligning your soul-body, leading to a rich and magically resonant relationship with your Self – and with the Earth + cosmos, which you will come to experience as literal extensions of your Self.

It will focus primarily on inner alchemy, working with myth, somatic embodiment, and being in active relationship with the natural world.

Root + Rise is a regenerative permaculture of the soul-body, devoted to supporting you in the journey of knowing your Self and the Earth as emanations of Mystery, Meaning and Magic.

Root + Rise will have a seasonal as well as a monthly framework.

At the cross quarters of each season – which are Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice – we will work with a myth or story that will be our guide through the season. This myth will provide the overarching themes and symbols which will inform our monthly practices.

At the beginning of each month, you will receive teachings + practices related to rooting down and rising up. 

From the perspective of the Indigenous symbol of the spiral, this is the spontaneous process of involution + evolution that keeps us and the world in balance.

From an alchemical perspective, this is Solve et Coagula. 

Solve will be the dissolving of old patterns and obsolete ego structures put in place by colonialist-patriarchal narratives which revolve around shame, unworthiness, fear, scarcity, et al. 

Coagula will be composting what has been dissolved to create new, meaningful patterns and manifestations: the archetypal death + rebirth continuum, the cyclical circuitry of the spiral.

You will learn how to participate with curiosity and grace in the multilayered, cyclical currents of your own life – the microcosm – which is in continuous reflective reciprocity with the cycles of the planet and the cosmos – the macrocosm.

The journey begins on 1 December 2021.

Membership to ROOT + RISE is $111 a month, payable monthly. 

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