ReWilding a Free Online Retreat →11 days → Featuring over 30 Experts

about this event

Claim your Free Ticket to the ReWilding Online Retreat. It’s your all-access pass to living from your core, not your conditioning.

FREE! 11-days, 30+ hours of discovery transformative workshops.

Our 4th annual ReWilding Online Retreat starts on May 1st with an inspirational live opening ceremony and sound bath.

Come see why over 12,000 people listened to their intuition and signed up for our transformational retreats.

✦ Understand your life’s purpose with astrology and Human Design

✦ Breathwork for embodiment

✦ Shadow work for deep integration and radical self-acceptance

✦ Deepen favorite of crystals and astrology

✦ Get inspired to go after your lifelong dreams

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“I am so excited I have told all my friends, and invited them to join us in this incredible gift that Jenner and the presenters are giving us.” –Shannon (ReWilding 2021)

This ReWilding retreat is designed to help you embody your truth. We have carefully selected the most trusted experts in . . .

⋒ Astrology

⋒ Ancient Wisdom

⋒ Spirituality

⋒ Human Design

⋒ Breathwork

⋒ Inner Healing

⋒ Conscious Entrepreneurship

⋒ Neuroscience

⋒ Embodiment

⋒ Divine Feminine Power

+so much more!

The Experience

The ReWilding Virtual Retreat is NOT just another online event, it’s an experience…

⚡️We begin with a sound healing and intention-setting live event, so you can get tap into your heart and vibrate your embodied truth.

⚡️You will receive an email every day for 10 days, with the pre-recorded workshops for that day. These workshops are ACTIVE, you will be moving your body, meditating, creating rituals, shifting your vibration and most importantly getting even more connected to your wild self.

⚡️Then head over to our private VIP group to share your “homework”, insights, and aha moments of the day. Our experts will be right there to answer any questions you may have to support you on your journey.

⚡️We will close our time together with a Live Closing Ceremony and Sound Bath. You’ll have a chance to share your aligned vision and dreams and watch them grow with the support of your new community.

Here is what people said about ReWilding last year . . .

“I wanted to send you a note to let you know just how much this ReWilding retreat has meant to me. In the past 6 days, I have been activated, cleansed, calmed, and renewed to achieve greater things than I ever thought possible!” -Kat

“This workshop was amazing!! I was at the edge of my seat the whole time!!” -Allison

“Thank you so much for this. I can’t wait to do this again tomorrow!!” -Brooke

Are you ready to get your free all-access pass (value $397)? Use this link for more info→

The workshops we feature will help you . . .

⋑ ReWild and align with your soul’s truest expression

⋑ Embracing your sexuality for deep power and pleasure

⋑ Be empowered with trusted tools for healing

⋑ Release buried wounds, old hurts, and stuck emotions from your energetic and physical body

⋑ Deepen your spiritual practices

⋑ Connect to a like-hearted community where your expressions of joy, grief, gratitude, and pain are all welcome

⋑ Build a conscious business




More Love from last year . . .

“This workshop was AMAZING!! I love this practice so much, thank you so much for sharing and I’m going to use this practice again and again!!” -Sophie

“What an amazing event Jenner! You bring the energy, I loved being a part of it all!” -Fatima

“I just want to say that every day I wake up excited to see who I learn from next in this wonderful retreat!!” – Stephanie

Are you ready to get your free all-access pass (value $397)? Use this link for more info→