Revitalizing Your Vision of Love

about this event

Go from feeling anxious to feeling secure in your relationships over a brunch experience brought to you by Independent Minds and Everythang’s Kosher Brunch AF. 

Are you tired of constantly having to tread carefully in your relationships or chasing after someone who seems out of reach?

Are you tired of rushing into relationships only to feel bored, suffocated, or afraid of upsetting your partner right when things should be going good?

Do you long for love but are discouraged by the dread that you may be rejected?

Do you and your partner find that despite your best efforts and honest communication, your partner continues to drive a wedge between you and refuses to work on the relationship?

Understanding your own and other people’s attachment types is crucial if you wish to have satisfying relationships.

This brunch will provide you with an understanding of attachment theory, an overview of the various attachment styles, the skills necessary to shift from an insecure attachment style to one that is more conducive to healthy relationships, and of course a fun-filled experience!

In this brunch experience you will:

  • Thoroughly investigate the benefits and drawbacks of each attachment style in adult relationships.
  • Understand the process of figuring out our individual attachment style and diving headfirst into what we can accomplish for ourselves
  • Find out what you can do to make dating or being in a relationship with a person who has a different attachment style more successful.
  • Meet other women wanting to learn and make changes for themselves while brunching on delious brunch food. 

By the end of this brunch experience you will:

  • Learn the basics of your attachment type, where it came from, and how it affects your romantic interests.
  • Know how to spot and break negative cycles in your relationships
  • Discover methods to work for a more stable attachment type
  • The efficiency of your connections will dramatically improve as a result of this.

If you wish to improve your connections with others in whatever capacity, this workshop will help you do that.

  • Your romantic partnership (this is the workshop’s major focus, after all).
  • How you interact with coworkers
  • Interactions with parents, siblings, other adults, and even children

This brunch includes:

Catering by Chef Nina Fuego of Nina Fuego’s Krackin Crab:

  • Chicken and Waffles
  • Fruit
  • Drinks: Fresh orange juice, Cranberry juice, Mango juice, and Champagne
  • 90-minute interactive workshop 
  • Take home gifts
  • Raffle prizes 

*****Please contact if you have any food allergies*******

Hey, I’m Yvette!

I am a relationship coach for professional boss women who are looking to meet the man they deserve and have healthy relationships. One of my greatest passions is inspiring women by exploring their values, strengths, and help in building healthy communication skills. I have been fortunate to assist many women by allowing them to feel comfortable within themselves with improved self-esteem to have healthy communication within their relationships.

I know first hand the struggles of having lack of confidence and fear of communicating needs/wants in relationships even as a professional woman.

For the past three-years, I have worked with hundreds of professional women who struggled with building healthy relationships due to feeling lost or stuck in who they were, lack of communicating their needs, and having inability to trust themselves and their partners. In my work, I offer one-on-one coaching and lead groups with my clients, helping them understand their worth to help acknowledge who is worthy to be in their life, which brings true happiness and fulfillment. 

Using my signature 3-step framework “Reclaim, Reflect, and Revitalize” I witnessed my clients become more secure within themselves and develop long-term healthy relationships. No matter what stage you are in a relationship, I would consider it an honor to assist you in becoming the revitalized woman you always deserved to be

Be sure to follow me for updates and tips. 


Special thank you to CreateMe Event Studio!