Resolving Fear: The Root Cause of All Negative Thoughts & Emotions | Online

about this event

In this 3 hour online workshop, Dexter and Alessandrina will help you resolve your fear – the root cause of all your negative thoughts and emotions. By resolving your fear, you can free yourself from suffering.

In the workshop, you’ll be guided through highly effective teachings, techniques and meditations that you’ll be able to practice, learn and then do on your own.  You’ll be able to see Dexter and Alessandrina through a live video feed.  You’ll also be able to speak to Dexter and Alessandrina in order to ask questions and receive answers.

Afterwards, you’ll receive a video recording of the workshop and access to a very special private facebook group. The private facebook group is only for individuals who have participated in Dexter and Alessandrina’s workshops and are learning and applying the teachings in their lives.

If you can, before this upcoming workshop watch the 4 hour recording of our past workshop, “Resolve Your Negative Thoughts and Emotions”. It will help you gain the most from this upcoming workshop. The recording is available for purchase here.

To find out more about Dexter and Alessandrina, visit our website:

Looking forward to sharing these amazing teachings with you!

With love,