Resolve Health Anxiety 101

about this event

Hi! Welcome, I will be so happy to see you guys in my workshop! **

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This workshop online may be for you if you experience any of the following:

*You have intrusive, negative thoughts that cause you anxiety and stress.

*You find yourself calling doctors on a regular basis for help but don’t feel they do.

*You feel positive affirmations don’t help.

*You experience recurrent physical symptoms that make you feel nervous.

*You experience panic attacks.

*You have intentions to manifest abundance in your life.

*You are committed to your mental health and wellbeing.

In this online workshop you will experience the following:

*My brief story with health Anxiety and how I resolved it.

*Science behind why we experience Fear, Intrusive and negative thoughts.

*The power of the 7 Chakras, and how these can empower you.

*Learning the main Fear Release technique that helped me free myself from Health Anxiety.

*Participant Live coaching of someone who is willing to let go of a fear / limiting belief.

*Guided meditation that includes the Sedona Method so you can let go of a limiting belief or fear safely.

*Q&A at the end of the session