Resilience for Liberation – January 4, 12pm PT

about this event

We get free together

Join us for this free, 75-minute workshop – happening at the intersection of personal healing and collective change.

Discover how you can:

  • Stop over-responding to stress triggers
  • Develop deeper self-compassion and self-trust
  • Create and hold healthy boundaries
  • Cultivate more support and stability in your life
  • Creatively solve problems both big and small

Let’s get free together.

Too often, individuals are blamed for the failings of systems. Resilience for Liberation challenges this narrative; teaching us how we can simultaneously take care of ourselves, hold systems accountable, and develop the wisdom and skills to change the systems causing us harm.

I want to be resilient, and I want the world to be soft and gentle.” – Nkem Ndefo

Resilience for Liberation introduces you to a framework for healing and change that…

  1. Acknowledges the family, cultural, economic, and political systems that are causing stress, trauma, and isolation for so many;
  2. Empowers you to set healthy boundaries and make resilient moves.

You’ll learn how to be more compassionate with yourself and others and how to develop a flexible strength to overcome challenges. From this safe and settled place, we are more capable of recognizing the underlying causes of stress and trauma in our lives and changing those systems of adversity.