Remote Clairtangent Reading

about this event

I’m a Clairtangent intuitive and have been sharing readings for 11 years. Clairtangent means clear touch and is in the family of Clair senses, including Clairvoyant, which you may have heard of. During remote sessions, I use a teddy bear in place of your physical body to tune into your energy body to clear blocked chakras and share connections between your conscious, subconscious, past life, mental, emotional, physical, and other aspects for healing. Sessions are on the phone, and I will provide Zoom call-in info before the reading begins. Please use earpods or something similar so you’re hands-free and lay on your back in Savasana, a yoga resting position. 


– Please be alone in the room so I don’t pick up on anyone else’s energy. Babies and pets are welcome. 

– Schedule readings at times that allow you to be alone for a little while afterward to process the information and ground it into your body. 

To learn more about me, please check out my website at and IG @intuitiveeboniwrites.