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Do you look in the mirror and worry you’ll stay stuck feeling not good enough?

Are you at a breaking point? Can you not stand for one moment longer the feeling that you’re here for a bigger reason and you’re ready to fulfill it? Do you want to know how to take beautiful care of yourself? Are you scared if you don’t change soon you’ll end up either alone forever or in a relationship you don’t feel good in?

Are you ready to stop feeling overwhelmed, distracted, overworked and constantly people-pleasing?Are you feeling seriously ready to drop the anxiety, quiet the noise, and love the ever-lasting heck out of who you are and what you choose to create?

If you give me a “#YESPLEASE” then you’ve found yourself in the right place.

You have been given the power, freedom, heart, choice, and intuition necessary to create the life you most want.The answer to creating more of what you want in your life is not to be mean to yourself, shame yourself, harshly judge yourself or endlessly regret all of your past decisions.

The answer – as always – is to better understand and more deeply love yourself.

And from there, within you, you choose.You choose based on who you are what you want to have more of.It’s time you reclaim your power.

It’s time you remember who you are.It’s time we honor it.

Honor our truth, honor our feelings, honor our needs.Honor our amazing abilities, honor our gifts, honor what we want.

Honor our hot mess, honor our special, honor our struggles, honor our strides.It is long overdue that we embrace ourselves with big, open, spacious and loving hearts.It’s time we stop losing ourselves in other people’s opinions. It’s time we stop living from our childhood fears. It’s time we stop letting self-doubt tell us we can’t or we’re not good enough.It’s time we heal, remember, elevate, and magnetize. It’s time we let our radiance shine.

I am finally able to make sure you hear that being worthy isn’t something you have to work for, try hard to be, or get better, prettier, smarter, or more efficient to experience.

The only thing that keeps you from being worthy is believing you are.

The second you can believe you are worthy of whatever you want.

…..the better-paying job

…the dashingly handsome and conscious husband

…the loving lifelong friendships that leave you energized and uplifted

…the house in the hills with high ceilings and an epic backyard for hosting your besties

…the purpose-driven business that feeds your soul and ignites your heart


It doesn’t matter…The only thing we need to work with is you believing you’re worthy of it.

And usually that requires a lot of clearing out all of the things that have kept you from it up until this point.I am thrilled to get this wisdom, knowledge, energy, practices and techniques right to you.I created this Digital Course Bundle so it’s available to you.

And so you can move through these powerful lessons in your own time.I have said this before and I’ll say it again…

These principles and practices aren’t just a series of ideas I’m telling you about.

It’s a paradigm-shifting ideology that you can use to strategically and heart-wholly transform your relationship to yourself and everything else in your life.

You will respect and understand yourself better. You will let go of old patterns more reliably. You’ll learn how to create more love, abundance, freedom, acceptance. You will feel more capable, persevering, expressive and authentic.

You will understand how being worthy works.And that’s a game-changer.It’s time for the beautiful womxn that you are to know your worth and exude your confidence.

It’s a turning point.It’s a declaration of sovereignty when we reclaim our anointed worthiness.You are empowered.

It’s given. You are it. You have it because you exist. You’re here on this planet at this time… and I need you to remember that. Again, and again, and again.

It’s healing when we open our hearts to our most vulnerable parts in need of love. And I see so many womxn want to but have no idea how to.

That’s why I created this course bundle. Because it’s long past time that you honor yourself from a higher & deeper place.

In this bundle, I’ll share into exactly how to start and where to go with what you discover.

So, if you’re wondering how to embody your worth and know it in your body, I understand and I’m not surprised. That’s why I’m here.

Do you want to exude it from your essence? To feel it in the depths of your bones?

Like… how to actually take your life into your own hands through deep inner self-love?If you struggle to love yourself or feel worthy of your desires, or are always battling the “not good enough” part of you…

You’ll resonate with this work.

This is my system for spiritual and psychological self-empowerment at its best. It walk you through what it means to know your own worth, and from there- feel respected as an incredibly special and cherished humxn by all those you let in close.

The time has come to let go of who you believed you were.The time has come to welcome fully who you really are.

The time has come for you to evaluate everything by this ONE THING…How deeply can I love myself right now?

This is your chance to come home.

Introducing, my newest healing & transformational bundle: REMEMBER: THE SACRED RECLAIMING OF WHO YOU ARE

And, hey! If we haven’t met yet…

Dr. Rachel Greenberg, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Empowerment Guide & Founder of The Numinous Path.

I am a thought leader on liberative empowerment for awakening womxn. I am also a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Empowerment Guide, Anti-Oppression Advocate, Empath, Healer, Business Owner, Mentor, and Change-Maker. On instagram I am known as @heydrrachel.

That’s because I love healing, understand who we are and what disconnects us from knowing that, stepping into our fullness, and I am radically unrelenting in helping womxn know themselves with deeper respect, embodiment, and wholeness.

(It’s hard to live a happy & full life if you’re stuck in loops of believing you’re not good enough, have to be perfect, and are not worthy)I am also a bit of an expert on inner child healing and helping you see yourself with clearer eyes.

Things like honoring how I feel, being a lifelong learner, working with limiting beliefs, being compassionate, and refining my skills are at the forefront of how I experience myself, run my business, support my students and program participants… and they support me in feeling happy, fulfilled, inspired and endlessly whole.

Life opens up when you clear out the distorted past, love yourself with commitment and compassion, trust your desires, heart, and intuition, and allow yourself to be led by your soul’s visceral wisdom.

Trusting you can live your way based on what feels right, good and beautiful to you.This approach has allowed me to create a beautiful life and a thriving career, spreading the message of healing to all those ready to receive it – near and far.

It’s your turn.

The time has come for you to take radically good care of yourself. To trust your magnificence. To set higher standards. To know and honor your limits. To express your experience. To step into what you feel called for.Let’s reclaim your divine truth, sacred love, gracious power, integrity, worthiness, peace, and exquisite possibilities within.

The time has come.

Because I’m here to tell you the problems in your life right now are not your fault and you don’t have to stay stuck in terrible and painful patternsWhat if I told you you’re not broken… bad… unworthy of better…As much as you may tell yourself these things, you are not wrong, crazy, broken, too emotional or needy.You are not bad at life.

The key term I want you to feel & learn here is Healing.

Because the reality is, you hold some layer of trauma. Whether it’s individual, developmental, generational, intergenerational, relational, cultural or structural.What does this trauma do?

It shapes your subconscious beliefs about yourself and every aspect of your experience.Trauma tells stories to keep us safe and to make sense of its experience.

It influences our expectations and lays the ground for our imprints.

Without healing your past wounds and changing the stories you’ve been unconscious to, most mainstream advice will be limited in helping you experience sustained change.The nature of the work I do with people is teaching you how early imprints impact the subconscious mind/body/brain and shapes your relationships with other people, your career, your money, your lifestyle, etc.

The reality is, if you aren’t able to identify your past trauma imprints and how they influence you today, you will stay subconsciously stuck, feeling powerless to change your dysfunctional dynamics.

What needs to happen?

You need to learn to REMEMBER.

There is a purity to who you are that is underneath all the muck of all the conditioning.

This is your chance to come home.

This is an exclusive chance to experience holistic healing – across all meaninful domains.

This is your chance to remember who you are and what you came here for.

If you desire…

A deeper sense of your own worth

More happiness, self-respect, love of your body, and trusting yourself above all else

More confidence, peace, joy, connection and freedom from perfectionism

Connection to your body, your true self, your deep needs, and your deep deservedness

Less stress, less anxiety, more flow, more fun, more truth, more pleasure

Better relationships where you feel safe, known, understood and cherished

A stronger sense of self, more tranquility, trust in your intuition and unapologetic self-love

More freedom to create what your heart most wants

More direction in your life, more self-trust, more space to feel


It’s time so connect with your real self, to set a higher bar, to believe you can follow your heart’s call, to step into your power, and feel your freedom.


What It is:

This is a 5-day video course and LIVE half-day workshop with journal prompts and areas for reflection. It is the first step in your REMEMBER journey. You’ll be invited into The Numinous Path’s frame for how to do this inner work. You’ll leave these videos inspired, more connected to yourself, and with a clearer idea of how to love yourself more deeply.

The half-day retreat will include sitting meditations, direct teaching from Dr. Rachel, embodiment practice, group reflections, time for Q+A.

You’ve spent too long striving for perfection, denying your truth, settling for someone else’s ideas of who you should be, self-abandoning, and you’re ready to embody your true divine power.

I’ve crafted this experience to take you from where you are to where you want to be. It’s a thoughtfully curated journey that will show you EXACTLY what to do, when, and how. You’ll start with the basics, and build on the work from there.

There’s little room for uncertainty or confusion. You’ll have step-by-step breakdown of all of the information, tools, and structures for deep self-reflection & concrete steps you can take to experience change the second you start. If you do the work, you will get results.

You won’t leave this journey the same as when you started.

Dr. Rachel is someone of amazing intelligence and kindness. She has helped me understand myself and how to live in this world. I am grateful for her generosity of time and spirit.”

“Incredibly Motivating. Dr. Rachel is encouraging, motivating, and sympathetic. This program gave me strategies to help with my anxiety that were easy to incorporate with my daily life.”

Amazing! Like a sacred bath for the soul. Thank you

“Rachel provided me with the safe space and consistent support that have allowed me to transform my life and myself into the best they have ever been, and she has helped me build the tools to continue to make positive change for myself in all aspects of my life. She is an incredibly skilled professional and adept at addressing varying needs and concerns simultaneously with tact, empathy, and clarity. I recommend her highly and unreservedly. She is incredible. I do not have words to express just how much she has positively affected me and my life.”

You’ve helped me be more aware of the narratives I’m telling myself. You’ve helped me realize that there is no such thing as ‘perfectionism’ and that the supposed to mantra that I was living by is not only unhelpful but not even real. I’ve started to be more aware of how I developed those traits. But moreover you’ve helped me be more aware of how I’m feeling, and I think that awareness is serving me well.”

My work with Dr. Rachel has left me with a profound change in self-value. It’s not easy to dig through the mental muck built up over the years, but Rachel was capable of compassion & patience when I found myself in short supply. I appreciate how deftly she adapted to specific needs & developed a short hand that made communication easy. I’ve recovered so much and I’m very grateful to have had her in my corner.”

“I always have something to go back to if I need it. Dr. Rachel & this program gave me all of the tools to work through issues that arise now that I’m on my own.”

“Simply listening and allowing myself to take in the words was plenty and gave me the chance to just sit with and experience that empowering energy.”

“This meditation helped me a lot today. Made me feel grounded, aware, powerful and forgiving. Thank you. I will be using this frequently on my journey.”

“This brought me to tears; it was just the healing journey I needed to begin. Thank you deeply”

“I want to thank you, Dr. Rachel, for your compassionate wisdom & for helping me through very challenging times, both in the present & from my past. I was able to name some of my demons & learn to trust more my instincts – radically and regardless of “logic.” And I felt safe, held, and heard in this program. Thank you so much, Rachel.”

“I’m still working through the course and it’s been so powerful. The shifts within myself and relationships with my parents had been huge. And I’m only 30% of the way through! I absolutely love the meditations. So grateful for this work. Grateful for you. Thank you!”

“Two modules have done more for me than years of therapy.”