Release & Let It Go | Breathwork + Guided Imagery Meditation

about this event

What would you like to let go and release in your life?

In this releasing breathwork and guided meditation, you will go through the journey of grounding, calming, and letting go of what doesn’t serve you. And in doing so, you will make space for magic and emotional wellness.

Where you place your energy creates your reality, so let’s create a beautiful reality that feels good to you.

If you’re thinking and wishing you could let go and release what bothers you about your current situation, you’ll find that the feeling grows rather than diminishes. It’s often why we can’t stop thinking of it, despite our desires to make it go away.

Through breathwork and meditation, you can reach your inner guidance, in your subconscious level and often in your supersubconscious level (the place where you’re able to tap deeply into the consciousness), and release the blocks that no longer serve you.

Imagine the freedom when you’re able to move forward even more.

Imagine the space you will create when you can release your life’s fears, doubts, uncertainties, and unclarities. What good will take their place?

Be in the community as you journey into your inner guidance, find clarity and create new space for opportunities in your life.

Creating Your Space

You’re invited to find a quiet space that feels comfortable to you and where you can sit or lay down in relaxation. Often, others will lay on their beds or a yoga mat or recline in comfortable sofas and chairs. You might even find it lovely to clear the energy in your space through smudging, aromatherapy, and lighting your favorite candle. 

About Giselle Baumet

Giselle Baumet, an Afro-Indigenous Bruja, Intuitive Life Coach, Transpersonal Hypnotherapist & Breathwork Practitioner with over 15 years of experience. She helps busy people experience a life of confidence, ease, and calmness based on the belief that feeling good is your birthright.

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