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Dreaming of an Italian getaway to reconnect with yourself, immerse in culture, and find true happiness and joy in life?

This 5 night, 6 day retreat is curated for you. A space where you can relax and revive while nourishing your mind, body and soul.

Yoga + Meditation + Holistic Health + Energy Healing + Reiki + Muscle Testing + Intuitive Workshops + Thermal Baths + Wine Tasting + Organic Cooking Class + Bonfire + Salt Bio-Pools + Connection & InspirationGive yourself the greatest gift with this opportunity to refresh, relax and surrender to the natural and rustic beauty of Tuscany. Tranquility begins here!


Join Allison Feehan, Integrative Wellness Expert, in the stunning Tuscan countryside to relax, renew and refresh. This retreat will leave you feeling enlivened and more connected to your higher self.

Wellness doesn’t have to be about detoxes and fasting. On this wellness retreat, we will focus on the power of you. The power you bring to your life. Enlivening your life starts from within and that means taking care of you. Deeper connections to self, your partner, a friend, or loved one are all possible. It’s in the work and it’s in the play time.

We will dive into reiki, yoga, meditation, muscle testing, connection, and of course have plenty of time for wine tasting, thermal baths, and exploring the gorgeous countryside!


Allison Feehan is the founder of Integrative Healing and Wellness located in Bay Head, NJ. Trained as a Doctor of Naturopathy with areas of focus around Iridology and Homeopathy, as well as a Reiki Master Teacher, Allison founded the center to provide holistic wellness services to clients. Her work includes individual consultation in the areas of Intuitive Therapy, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, nutrition, meditation, and other innovative Eastern and Western medicines. In addition to her private practice, she has provided corporate and school-based educational programs focused on energy management and spiritual lifestyle. Over the last year, Allison has begun to share her talent with those around the globe, hosting destination retreats to deliver her message of health and wellness through mind, body, and spirit.

In addition to her practice and programs, Allison is an active member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals, the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, and the International Iridology Practitioners Association. Her engagement in these organizations allows her to provide continuing education credits to nurses and massage therapists. She’s an entrepreneur, writer, teacher, and coach. She is the creator of Yoga Embraced Reiki, a trade mark modality infusing Restorative Yoga and the healing energy of Reiki.

After spending nearly 18 years in corporate America as a Program/Project Manager, and receiving her bachelor’s Degree in business management, Allison decided to go back to school to follow her life’s calling to become a healer. Having trained many members of the wellness community and performed thousands of healing sessions on adults and children, Allison’s understanding of energy expanded and its impact on one’s emotional and physical well-being spread, building awareness and empowering others to find closure and move past setbacks in their lives.


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