Reiki Love: (New Moon Edition) A Group Transmission

about this event

Experiencing the fullness of life comes from the heart. Reiki is a powerful universal healing energy that gives us access and connection to divine love, and when practiced in community, we can tune into and share that love for collective good and healing.

Join us for a unique new moon healing event that blends group practice and community connection with personal transformation to amplify our impact and expression in the world.

This event is for you if:

  1. You are looking for energy healing that will help release stress, fears, and beliefs to create a greater sense of balance and alignment with your highest good.
  2. You are looking to reconnect with your truth, your highest self/spirit, and your heart through individual practice
  3. You are looking for sweet, authentic and supportive connection with other like-hearted humans.
  4. You are interested in being of service at this time by sending out healing energy to the world.

What to expect in this event:

  • A full-body Reiki Tummo healing sent via distance just to you, addressing your specific needs and serving your wholeness. This energy balances the chakras and all the bodies (physical, emotional and spiritual) in alignment with universal energy and truth of your divine and highest self.
  • Meet other beautiful humans and connect in a heart-felt and authentic space about your experience and how you might bring more love, compassion and kindness to your own lives and the lives of others.
  • Participate in a group healing meditation to build compassion and send healing out to those you love and the world at large.

10% of all proceeds go to benefit Navajo and Hopi Solidarity and their work supporting indigenous communities in the US in receiving Covid relief. Please read here for more information on why these communities need support and to make additional donations.

About the practitioner:

Rei Chou is a facilitator, artist, and healer. She draws on 10 years of experience in convening, facilitation and experience design with organizations ranging from The White House to The Rockefeller Foundation. As a founder of The Feast, she catalyzed thousands of people to gather for meaningful conversations to foster collective empowerment. She has worked for 6+ years as a master level Usui Reiki Teacher, Reiki Tummo practitioner, and KAP Facilitator. She is passionate about helping each person realize their truth, purpose and full expression in this life-time.

*This event is pay what you can. You do not need to have had any experience with energy work to participate in this event. We are also open to sending to loved ones remotely during this session (even if they can’t make it). If you would like send energy to someone, please just email me their name and email with a donation as an energy exchange.