Reiki Level 2 Certification Training

about this event

In this highly experiential training, we will dive further into Reiki and learn how to use it in expansive and powerful ways.

You will receive an attunement to the traditional Reiki healing symbols that amplifies your ability to use Reiki and allows you to send Reiki across time (past and future) and distance, address mental and emotional blockages and issues, and increases the potency and quality of the Reiki
energy that you are currently channeling.

We will also continue to explore and deepen our connection with hands-on healing and distance healing principles with Reiki. The Level II Certification expands your consciousness, increases your intuition and strengthens your skills as a healer. You will be attuned by Reiki Master Teacher Kat Fowler and have the ability to practice and use Reiki from that day forward on others both in person and from a distance healing setting.

This training follows the traditional Dr. Usui Reiki System and uses the official International Center for Reiki Training manual by William Lee Rand. Certification is done through your own completion of the homework after the session.

**Please note that you must be Reiki I certified in order to attend this training. If you have not been certified by Kat Fowler, that is absolutely fine, as long as you can show proof of completion from another training. Proof of training must be sent via email to:  for approval.